Christmas is almost here and with it comes one of the things we love most about the holidays… Christmas cards and email newsletters wishing everyone a happy holiday. I know, I know, everyone dreads the Christmas mail outs- even if it is digital. However, this year why not make it a little less daunting and a bit more fun? Everyone appreciates a beautiful Christmas card or newsletter, but what is it that makes it so attractive? Yes, there are the pretty photos and graphics, but the attention-grabber is your font.

Choosing the correct fonts for anything you do in the business world is essential. Fonts can say a lot of about a company or brand, so you want to ensure that you are conveying the right message for your business. Holiday cards are just as equally important as anything else you do in that you want to make sure it wows your customers, is visually appealing, and makes them feel thought of and appreciated. However, with literally thousands of fonts to choose from, how do you pick which font is “your” font? You know, the font that accurately represents you and your brand. So to help you decide which font is your font, we have found some of the most fantastic and holiday-themed choices to help you find your font for the holidays.

If you are a more laid back and fun type of business, such as a toy shop or game shop you can use CANDY CANE font. The bubbly or block letter font is candy cane striped to look just like what the name suggests- a candy cane! Perfect for a festive and easily readable holiday card.

For a more professional look at your holiday cards, business such as law firms and technology companies may try to use CHOPIN SCRIPT. This font is a more formal cursive style but still possesses a touch of Christmas playful spirit. Perfect for the elegant holiday mailouts.

BUDMO is a great font to use for more of an artsy company. It is currently a very trendy font, and it is made to look like the cardboard cutouts of words you see people use with the lights in the back of them. It is a fun font that can be used as a medium or large point font and stands out from the rest.

A very frosty the snowman looking font is LMS LET IT SNOW. This font gives the illusion of snowflakes falling across the letters. It is a great font to use for titles and larger headers or footers as it is easy to read and the larger point you use, the better the snowflakes show up.

A letter from Whoville would not be complete without the GRINCHED font. This super cute and fun Dr. Suess font would be great for a newsletter or Christmas card from a daycare or after school program.

Outdoor and sporting goods companies will love the look of MOUNTAINS OF CHRISTMAS. This font gives a rustic look to its letters helping to maintain the outdoorsy feel while keeping in with the holiday spirit.

While it is tedious to look through fonts to find the perfect match; finding your font is the best start to getting your holiday cards and newsletters out the door for this year. Contact a representative at Copico today and let us help you decide which font is you! Remember, the sooner you choose which font is right for you; you will be one step closer to finishing creating your cards and on your way to marking another thing off your holiday list!


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