Even with digital marketing taking center stage over the past several years, don’t forget that direct mail is essential to the overall success of your marketing plan. According to CallRail, “Direct mail garners 7x more responses than digital channels combined!” But how do you get those postcards and fliers to stand out and capture your target markets attention? Plus, you want to keep them out of the junk mail pile! Here are some tips from around the interwebs to ensure you get the most bang out of your campaign.

From Entrepreneur: 

  • Minimize the use of buzz words
  • Make the offer very prominent in the copy
  • Use bullet points and small segments of information

From Hubspot: 

  • Keep it simple
  • Use attention-grabbing headlines
  • Use action words

From Target Marketing Mag: 

  • Sell solutions to problems, not products
  • Use a time limit for an offer

From Vertical Response: 

  • Combine direct mail with a follow-up email
  • Personalize your mailer

From The Interaction Design Foundation:

  • Make sure your contact is clear and easy to find
  • Include a special offer

And finally from us here at Copico:

  • Use a clear call-to-action (CTA) - Your customers need to know what action you want them to take after you’ve caught their attention. Call, visit your site, clip a coupon? Give them exact instructions!
  • Hire a professional - You may think you’re saving money with a DIY job, but a professional knows the best way to visually capture your market’s attention. A poorly designed mailer reflects poorly on your business, and if a file isn’t prepped correctly for a printer, you’ll spend more money for revisions.
  • Don’t grab imagery off the internet - Most of the time you cannot use an image without permission from the owner as any imagery they post is covered under copyright law. Also, the quality of web resolution imagery will leave your mailer looking blurry and pixilated.

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