If you love purples as much as we do, then this is your lucky year. This year Pantone's 2018 color of the year is Ultra Violet, and it is available in both Pantone color systems as well as in Pantone Cotton and plastics. What does that mean you ask? That means not only can you brighten up your workspace, but you can also bring new vibrant color to your so last year’s graphic designs. Double bonus!

The color purple, and shades thereof respectively represent feelings of power, wealth, and creativity. It is said to have the power to lift spirits and calm the nerves. Because of its versatility, it is considered an all-around color in that it can be a hot or cold color depending on the undertone. It projects a positive vibe and can relate to all ages, genders, and cultures. When using purple hues for branding purposes, it can show the brands personality as sophisticated, charming, and glamorous with a slightly feminine aspect.

UltraViolet is projected to play a significant part in a lot of trends for 2018. So why not get on board? While you may be thinking this color does not match your business color scheme, that does not mean you cannot use it for things other than stationary and business cards. Let us help you get creative! At Copico we provide a full range of digital printing services perfect for using this hot new color.

Graphic Design

Are you just starting a new business? If you have not picked a color theme for your business why not consider this one? Let our team take your graphic design to the next level with Pantone's Ultra Violet. This is a color that stands out from the rest on business cards and stationery!

Announcements & Invitations

Do you need invitations for an upcoming party or function? How about an exciting new announcement? Even if you do not have set plans, this color is a great excuse to come up with something so you can make a bold and exciting statement on either of these.

Personal Stationery

While you may not want to use this color on your professional stationery,(unless it happens to go with your existing theme) that doesn’t mean you cannot use this color on personal stationery. Even with the growing technology, a hand-written letter on beautiful stationery will still put a smile on someone’s face any day of the week.

Brighten Up Those Dull Reports<

We know your reports and financials can get pretty boring to look at. Brighten up those dull reports by adding this color to your monthly reports, report covers, and financial statements. Trust us; everyone will thank you.

Presentation Materials

Wow your potential clients by using Ultra Violet in your next presentation. This color is a great way to catch their attention while projecting an air of calm, luxury, and power. All these elements are necessary to show them your company is the right company for the job.

Marketing Materials

Make your flyers, newsletters, and other marketing materials stand out from the rest in 2018. This bold and dramatic color is a fantastic way to bring attention to what you want to say. Use it for larger font headlines and bursts of color throughout your material to draw the eye directly to your point.

While you may not want to use this color forever, you still have plenty of options to use Pantone's 208 color of the year- and plenty of time to use them. One thing is for sure; this color will be the talk of the digital world for a while. Contact Copico today and let us help you get creative with this year’s hottest color!