Annual reports are known for being tedious, but also a necessary part of a company.  The dreaded annual reports are typically a booklet style information packet with twelve to twenty-four glossy pages. Each page is showing the neverending table of numbers without much more thought to the visual aspects of the report.  That is not entertaining or eye-catching, right? Well, they no longer have to be boring or mundane.

With creative presentation becoming even more significant in today's business world, there is a higher demand for more interactive and creative annual reports, now more than ever. Businesses want to see not just the numbers, but how far the company has come in the last year within their reports.  Even if it is not the time for your annual report to come out, you can start talking to your team now about using one, or all, of these nine effective ideas for printing your next annual reports.


1. Make a Cover and Back Cover That Stands Out

Just as important as your design is on the inside, you also want your design to catch your reader's attention from the get-go. That means creating a stellar cover and back cover to add to your report. Use your company’s colors mixed with a duller background color to make your cover stand out from the rest.


2. Make Your Data More Visual

Infographics are a great way not only to add eye candy to your reports but to make it easier for readers to absorb the information faster than with just columns of data. By using graphs and charts in multiple colors and sizes, you help to give your readers something more interesting to look at, while breaking down the numbers in a more naturally flowing form.


           chapters3. Break Down Your Information Into Chapters

You want your information to flow smoothly and be easy to understand. Try taking your data it down into smoothly flowing chapters that show smaller bits of at a time. In other words, keep it simple.


4. Tell The Story With Photos

Don’t just list out your numbers in rows, use pictures that relate to your brand to help tell a story about the company as you go. You can place the information on the photos, or you can use the pictures on separate sides of your data in the booklet to enhance the visual effects of your report.


5. Create A Storyline

Nobody wants just to read ongoing boring bits of data, and since everyone loves a good story why not make it more entertaining by using your data to tell a story? Use your information to map out a storyline worth reading, and you will have your readers hooked and wanting more!


6. Make Your Reports Brighter With More Color

Don’t just use the same old black and white pages. Add bright colors throughout your booklet to help liven things up and keep the focus on your data. Bland, neutral colors will only make the information even more tedious to read through.


7. Maps Can Be Fun

Using maps to highlight places where your company made an impact or gained revenue is another unique and fun way to deliver . By placing data over parts of the map that the company had accomplishments throughout the you add a visual to your report.


8. Make An Impact Report

Instead of just reporting your financials, why not show the impact that the company has had on the world around you? Your shareholders want to see not only the financials but the impact the organization has made around the world as well. Showing the success of the company not only with the financials but with the global effect as well is also an excellent way to gain more shareholders and investors.


9. Include A Strong Call To Action

Don’t forget to include call to action at the end of your report. You want to make sure that whatever it is that you want your readers to do come across clear and concise they make the next move .


Remember that while the annual reports do need to show all the information, that mean they can’t be fun to read. Have fun with your design and make it unique to your company!